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Sseulgidam 50mg Soft Capsule

Use Period
24 months from the manufactured date
Put in airtight container and store in dry cool and dark place as far as possible
Dark green colored oval shape soft capsule loaded with oily liquid
Main Raw Materials
1 capsule contains;
Ursodeoxycholic acid----50mg
Thiamine nitrate----10mg
-Citizen’s health preserver for over 30 years since its release on 1982
-Improved liver function by UDCA ingredients
Improvement of liver function for chronic liver disease, Body tiredness, indigestion, Loss of appetite and body fatigue caused by impaired liver function
Dosage and Usage
Adult: 1 capsule/take, 3 times a day after meals
Directions for the use of medicine


1. doctor  need to know if you have any of these conditions:
     1) terrible biliary obstruction patients.
     2) fulminant hepatic failure patients.
     3) this product is contraindicated in those patients who have shown hypersensitivity to it.

  4) pregnant or trying to get pregnant and breast-feeding.
  5) Children (in animal tests, toxicity has been reported.)
  6) large intestine and enteritis patients,diseases like Crohn's disease.
  7) an unusual or allergic reaction to soybean oil.
  8) an unusual or allergic reaction to soybeanorpeanut.

2. Do not take this medicine with any of the following medications:
  1) this product may cause increase side effects. : oral medications for diabetes (tolbutamide).
  2) this product may causeprevent absorption : cholestyramincolestipolCarbo Medicinalismagnesium and  Antacids     

     containing aluminum hydroxide.

3. Ask a doctor or pharmacist before use if you are:

 1) patients with severe pancreatic diseasespatients.

 2) Peptic ulcer disease patients.
 3) Patients with gallstone diseasepatients.
 4Patients with hyperlipidemia, diabetes, high blood fat and fat metabolism disorder patients patient or patient who        is injectedlipoid fluid carefully.

4. . If you feel you have experienced an allergic reaction,stop using this medicine and inform your doctor or dentist,pharmacist 

     immediately.Ask a doctoror pharmacist before use if you are taking medical precautions.
alimentary system : sometimesdiarrhea, nausea, vomiting, unusually  stomach upset, constipation, chest pain, Stomach   

     discomfort etc. 
  2) allergic reactions likesometimes  itchingunusually Rash etc.
  3) other Side effects : unusually weak or tired,dizziness.

5Other precautions:
do not use more than directed.

            2) If you feel you have experienced an allergic reaction,stop using this medicine and inform your doctor or pharmacist    immediately.

  3) When taking this drug to patient with excessive body fat,it is recommended to check the plasma lipid index     

     beforehand. If the exam result regards vitro excretion of fat is insufficient, the drug injection must be controlled     

     accordingly. If patient is medicated with other intravenous lipid index, the amount of lipid mixed within the 

     medication as component must be considered and reduce the injection of the lipid index.


6. Storage Conditions

1) Keep out of the reach of children.
  2) Keep container tightly closed. Discard unused medicine and used packaging carefully. Keep capsules in the original        container. Do not store or place capsules in any other container.