R&D Lab Introduction

SAMSUNG PHARM opens up the future through research and development.


SAMSUNG PHARM was founded in August 1929 leading Korean pharmaceutical industry for the last 86 years fulfilling the role of protecting citizens’ health faithfully.

  • Production

  • SAMSUNG PHARM has completed its facilities condition to meet KGMP(Korean good manufacturing practice) standard for all of its products, exerting its best efforts to raise effectiveness and safety of medicines, which are directly connected to human being’s life that is so precious, applying high quality manufacturing technologies throughout its production processes. Every product of SAMSUNG PHARM is produced with absolutely no defect by the superb harmony of the up-to-date manufacturing facilities with the long history of manufacturing know-how.
  • Research and Development

    Medicines are directly affecting the life of human beings and accordingly their social responsibility is immense. Therefore, continuous research efforts on their effectiveness and safety are required. And, the future of the company cannot be assured without research and development of new medicines. We, the members of SAMSUNG PHARM, are doing our best in the development of new and superior medicines which are safe and effective through continuous transformation. Especially, we keep close relationships with research centers and university research centers both within and outside of Korea, conducting extensive researches covering pharmacology, toxicity, medicine test and microorganisms, basic raw material medicines and others, in order to fulfill our commitment to prevent and cure diseases.

  • Quality Control

  • Quality ControlQuality Control is the key process of which any minor part cannot be neglected absolutely from the raw material purchase to the usage by customers. Superior manufacturing technology and perfect quality control are the key essence of medicine production. SAMSUNG PHARM is thoroughly conducting not only the inspection on the raw and subsidiary materials but also the inspection and examination of completed products as well as follow-up management to pursue the perfectionism on quality through continuous update of quality control equipment, aiming at elitism of quality control personnel and technology improvement.