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Gasmyungsoo Liquid

Use Period
36 months from the manufactured date
Hermetic container
Reddish brown or reddish purple medicine for internal use with characteristic odor saturated with carbon dioxide
Main Raw Materials
1 bottle(75mL) contains;
Gasmyungsoo 50% ethanol soft extract -----------------26mg
-Korea’s first sparkling digestant
-Herb medicinal digestant with proven safety
-Excellent digesting effect by 4 herbal ingredients.
Indigestion, Excessive drinking, Overeating, Dyspepsia(stomach overloading), Stomachache, Nausea, Vomiting, Loss of appetite(inappetence), Sense of distention in stomach
Dosage and Usage
1 bottle(75mL) for adult, 3 times a day after meals
Directions for the use of medicine


1. Warning!

    children under 30months of age should not be treated withGasmyungsoo Liquid.

2. Information for the patients

   1) Children (may cause convulsions).

   2) This product contains yellow4(Tartrazine),not to be used in known sensitivity or allergy to any ingredient or if you feel you 

       have experienced an allergic reaction.

3. Attention

    This medicine contains sodium benzoate that can be a cause of skin problems;skin,eyes, mucous coat Stimulating, damage may     occur if you take.

4. Ask a doctor before use if you have

   1) Do not use with any other drug

5. Precautions

   1) do not exceed recommended dose.


6. Stop use and ask a doctor if

  If symptoms get worse or last more than 2weeksconsult your doctor,pharmacist.

7. Storage Conditions

1) Keep this medication out of the reach of children.

2) Protect from light. store in a cool and dry place(prevent moisture).

3) Do not store or place capsules in any other container.